About Us

We Will Provide
• Grants for adoptions
• Funding for mission trips
• Education about orphans around the world
• Information about the process of adoption
• Outreach opportunities that aid with the plight of orphans
• Fundraising assistance for international adoptions
• Support for those in the process of adopting and those adjusting after adopting
• Aid in preventing disrupted adoptions

Fundraising Assistance for Adoption
Finding Forever Families will aid families in fundraising projects for International Adoptions if they have a Hague accredited adoption agency involved and meet the qualifications below.

We will support fundraising projects for legally married couples(consisting of one male and one female) adopting internationally. One of the couple must be a U.S. Citizen. They must be protestant Christians that agree with all tents of the Apostle’s creed.

Fundraising assistance will be provided to those living in Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. The only exception to this is for Missionaries Serving Abroad with ties to the above stated area. There will be an exception to this area for missionaries serving abroad with ties to the above stated area.

The family must have completed and been approved in a home study by a licensed social worker.

We will require a letter of recommendation from the couple’s current pastor supporting the adoption process.

Finding Forever Families will require periodic check in reports through the adoption process, and requires notification that the adoption process is complete.

Fundraising will be planned and reviewed by a committee of the following members.

Current Committee
Kathleen Anich
Roger Anich
Helen Cumming
Trey Cumming
Robyn Sowers
Rick Barsh
Roxane Barsh